About the Consortium

Our Mission

At CoET members learn and share exemplary pedagogical and technical practice relating to ICT in education. What make CoET unique is that we include both technical and educational leaders in the pursuit of continual school improvement. CoET believes that it is only by fostering a partnership between IT specialists and teachers that schools can truly leverage the potential of technology. 

As the peak body in the field of Educational Technology in Australia  Consortium of Educational Technology (CoET)  membership is open to employees working within education institutions with a desire to learn and share exemplary pedagogical and technical practice relating to ICT.   

Members are automatically entitled to free participation at our quarterly face to face conferences (currently only available in Victoria).  In addition members have access to a growing online community.  These opportunities provide unprecedented access to a support network and expertise school professionals need to effectively lead digital transformation.  CoET will help your school to embed a culture of confident and effective technology use that leads to continual school improvement.

The CoET Executive

Office Bearers:

Cameron Nicholls

Consortium Chair- Co-founder

Cameron is the Principal of Trafalgar Primary School

As Chair and co- Founder of The Consortium of Educational Technology CoET, Cameron Nicholls leads collaboration between the IT Managers and curriculum leaders driving some of Victoria most innovate School IT programs.  CoETstrives to bridge the gap between teachers and technology specialist in order to improve school outcomes.

Cameron is currently Principal of Trafalgar Primary School, a rural school located 120 kilometres from Melbourne in one of the fastest growing areas of the state.  He has previously work as a Secondary School Principal, Assistant Principal and as a Music teacher, has worked at the intersection of technology and art for many years teaching music recording and production, including theatrical sound and lighting. 

Cameron was a finalist for the Victorian Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2013, being recognised for his outstanding teaching practice and his leadership of teaching and learning practices both locally and at the system level.  Of particular note was his leadership and implementation of ICT initiatives to improve student outcomes, that have been totally integrated into whole school management including student management, assessment/reporting, accountability, the provision of welfare services, community engagement strategies, and most importantly, student learning.

Blake Seufert

Consortium Treasurer 

Blake is the IT Director at McKinnon Secondary College

It’s an exciting time to be in education. Spending over 10 years working, consulting, training and building products for schools I’ve never been more convinced that thoughtful design paired with great technology is the best opportunity we have for rapidly improving education. I have been fortunate to work across many facets of Edtech, from over a decade as Systems Manager at McKinnon Secondary College to consulting with Edtech companies like Google, Microsoft, etc to working with over 100 schools and school groups across Australia. I have led the way with G Suite adoption in Australian schools becoming Australia's First Google Reference school along with developing systems like the confidence framework for improvements of EdTech.

Sallie Clynes

CoET Communications and Administration 

Sallie has a strong and diverse background in organisation administration and has experience in working across a wide range of activities and industries. This includes all aspects of event management, administrative coordination, board governance and support, report writing and executive assistant duties. Sallie brings along a collaborative approach to build solid relationships with colleagues and members.

Acknowledgement of Service

Matthew Robinson


Matt (Formerly) IT and Facilities at Lowanna College

Matt had significant involvement in developing and sharing strategies to support schools and student learning around the 1:1/BYOD technologies around Australia for 14 years. At Lowanna College Matt served at the IT and Facilities Manager responsible for managing one of the largest, business-grade, single-site ICT networks in the Gippsland region, rivalling local hospitals, universities and the power industry. 

 As a co- Founder of The Consortium of Educational Technology CoET Matt supported collaboration between the IT Managers and curriculum leaders driving some of Victoria most innovate School IT programs.  CoET aims to develop best practice in the delivery of IT services to improve learning and teaching.